Nivea Men Real Madrid

  • Client:
  • Nivea
  • Location:
  • Ho Xuan Huong Stadium
  • Date:
  • 2016

Leverage public attention about the football tournament, which first time ever hosted by Nivea Men Vietnam to promote all product range. Build brand preference via association with real Madrid – the legendary football club admired by most Vietnamese men.

Brand and football club partnership is not a new platform to audience. However, with the distinctive way of gaining engagement before and during event, we help Nivea Men communicate and recruit participants effectively. By creating an exciting journey during the event, we interacted deeply with audience while displaying brand role sophisticatedly though different executions.

With a right strategy of communication, the event attracted thousands of online interactions and engagement, which helped increasing brand preference (association with Real Madrid) tremendously. As the result, the event was the spotlight to Vietnamese men for a long times as well as driving sale significantly.