• Client:
  • VinFast
  • Location:
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Date:
  • 2018

For the first time in our automobile industry, Vietnam has had its complete car line called VinFast under Vingroup – a giant domestic top market’s sharer. So what to expect for a newbie’s debut at the revealing show which would take place in Paris Motor Show 2018 where almost all the renowned cars would show up? How to mark an impression on people’s minds about the fact that Vietnam finally has achieved a world-class quality dedicated by VinFast Lux SA2.0 and Lux A2.0? 


  • Inspired by the car of national dream and how it had come to life, we came up with the concept “We start at the top”. To convey that message, an emphasis on the key hook performances which was cohesively divided into two parts: the bamboo wonderous reminding of how the transportation has evolved throughout the decades and the modern kinetic with LED visual making metaphor that Vietnamese automobile has developed this far. 
  • Likewise, VinFast would get to unleash its Vietnamese identity, Italian design, German technology and international standards of quality through speeches from the representatives and also the Vietnamese designed interactive activities to let people have some insightful information and perspectives about VinFast cars. However, we still seized the chance to maintain iconic Vietnamese touch through small details such as Ao Dai costumes, visuals, etc… amidst polished modern ambiance of the whole event.


  • The concept was elevated by the key hook performances immersed alongside the dynamic atmosphere and meanwhile excited hundreds of thousands of offline and online attendees flooding VinFast’s Facebook livestream video. Furthermore, the wide space of exhibiting stage with neat but eye-catching visuals outdid the job of making VinFast booth more fascinating than ever.
  • Side activities were executed beyond expectation as a huge amount of people came to know more specifically about the features, functions,… of the cars.
  • Last but not least, VinFast has been honored with the presentation of the ‘A Star is Born’ trophy from AUTOBEST, a leading European automotive awards body in recognition of the fierce, aspirational approach of VinFast. Undoubtedly, this was beyond successful and became the national proud of Vietnamese people.