The Fair Day Merry-Go-Proud that got people talking

But we believe that it’s the answers to these questions that can help people relate to one another, understand their different perspectives and connect on a personal level, which will ultimately unite us as a community.

rsz_mardi_fair1 (1)

For the 3rd year running, Because Australia worked with Woolworths Group to create an activation at Fair Day 2020, Sydney’s most vibrant, free, gay community event of the season. Our aim was to create a stand that highlighted the importance of accepting your true self, and get people talking about what really matters to them.

rsz_mardi_fair2 (1)

So this year, we invited visitors to ‘join the proud crowd’ on our Merry-Go-Proud, a glimmering unicorn carousel, and make some new friends whilst doing so.

We placed icebreaker questions on each unicorn to inspire conversations and get people talking about what really matters to them. We wanted to cut to the core of what affects indivuduals, and how we empathetically relate to each other.

Carl Stanley-Jones, Account Director for Because commented, “We are always immensely proud to be involved with such a fantastic celebration of diversity. As a team we were very excited that our glittery unicorns bought people together and got them talking about what really matters.”

rsz_mardi_fair3 (1)

At its heart, the Merry-Go-Proud gave visitors a chance to open up and share in a fun environment. It allowed them to connect on a personal level and revealed things that unite us as a community. It made people understand that what matters to them, is not so different to what matters to others - at the end of the day, we all just want to be loved and accepted for the beautifully unique individuals we are.