Shell rewards kinetic energy with NYC food truck experience

The very best brand experiences are those that shake up daily routines and offer unexpected moments.

Something out of the norm that’s hard to forget.

Emerging technologies are increasingly opening up the possibilities for brands to surprise and delight fans, providing new ways to engage consumers in live environments.

Oil and gas company Shell has now become the latest to unlock the power of kinetic energy within a fun activation, following hot on the heels of Google’s energy harvesting walkway at the 2017 Berlin Festival of Lights.

Shell food truck NYC 1.jpg

Shell brought a whole new dimension to the idea of grabbing a ‘power lunch’ with an experiential food truck tour that asked customers to pay for their food orders in kinetic energy.

The rewarding ‘Jump For Your Lunch’ activation has seen kinetic tileways placed in front of the touring food trucks, which eager customers have had to repeatedly jump on to convert the power of their feet into energy. It’s an attention-grabbing, fun way to get across an important message: that Shell is committed to developing a range of renewable energy technologies, including generating energy from recycled waste and cooking oil.

Shell food truck NYC 3.jpg

The pop-up activation toured New York City for three days in late October, and will tour US colleges to raise further awareness. The trucks used in the campaign will then be handed to social enterprises.

The innovative food truck forms part of Shell’s #makethefuture global campaign, which has seen engineering students from across the US and Europe re-imagining every aspect of the food truck experience.

Everyone loves a free lunch, and food trucks continue to be popular, ahem, vehicles for experiential excellence.

New Orlean Tourism’s #FollowYourNOLA campaign got people in Texas talking about ‘The Big Easy’, while allergy charity E.A.T. used the enticing allure of a food truck to raise awareness about the many challenges that sufferers face on a daily basis. An even bolder approach saw French water sports brand Tribord give thirsty consumers a nasty surprise with its ‘worst drink in the world’ sampling campaign.


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JOSS DAVIDGE | 2017-11-07