Samsung Diamond S23 Experiential

  • Client:
  • Samsung HP & Tab
  • Location:
  • ├ćON Mall, SC VivoCity, Crescent Mall, Thiso Mall, Estella
  • Date:
  • 2023


We are facing a significant challenge - delivering memorable experiences that allow customers to fully harness the power of the 'night vision' feature and legendary Nightography mode. We provide an effective photography solution with the Samsung S23 Ultra, building trust for customers to join our community and stimulating pre-order sales.


We have combined technology and creativity to bring an impressive EPIC STUDIO located right in shopping centers. These LED studios are built and decorated with stunning artwork, creating a low-light environment to maximize the night photography capabilities of the 200 MP camera on the S23 Ultra. Participants can capture premium-quality moments that rival studio photography, resulting in memorable check-in experiences.

Here, every ordinary movement of yours will be transformed into extraordinary moments, thanks to the "night vision" capability of the 20MP camera and the exceptional Nightography feature of SAMSUNG Diamond S23. It's truly a way for you to shine and capture one-of-a-kind photos, regardless of lighting conditions.