Mercedes-Benz Fascination 2018

  • Client:
  • Mercedes-Benz Vietnam
  • Location:
  • ICE Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Date:
  • 2018


The success of 3 consecutive years which were organized by Square in terms of idea as well as experience, brings us the tough challenge for Mercedes Fascination 2018.

On the other hand, the event is once again held at the same venue of last year, Mercedes Fascination needs a significant change in terms of design concept.


Inspired from the Grow Up global campaign of compact car: “As you get older, life is about following few simple rules”, and standing from a view of Mercedes-Benz, we see the mission that makes a better life for Vietnam is very matching to the current status.  We propose a big idea “Drive The Life” for Fascination 2018. Turn the Fascination to a positive & responsible life call-for-living in which Mercedes is the best companion. Each car segment with its message relevant to its target creates different positive & responsible thoughts & actions.

In order to translate this concept into execution idea, we use multi-layer-stage with 3D boombox visual effect and turn the car display area to a huge catwalk surrounding audience to imitate a mini community where the connection between Mercedes companion and human beings is to drive the life following life’s rules.


The concept helped us to reinterpret traditional values and attitudes towards Mercedes-Benz.

Big stage made the cars performance unique & impressive.

Model performances interacting with emotional visual at the last performance became the most touching moment that raised up Mercedes’s responsibility.

Finally, the big success that makes us even more happier is the attraction of more than 10.000 visitors during 5 days.