Mercedes-Benz Fascination 2017

  • Client:
  • Mercedes - Benz Vietnam
  • Location:
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Date:
  • 2017


Celebrate the success of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam with

  • The Anniversary of 50 years of AMG
  • The Growth of compact car segment
  • The successful Continuance of SUVenture

Convey the new strategic message: The Best Customer Experience to all Vietnamese customers.The challenge for Mercedes-Benz Fascination 2017 is how to translate “The Best Customer Experience” strategy in an emotional way that present the individual care of Mercedes-Benz to each customer.


Be inspired by the journey of life, from newborn with amazing imaginations to grow up with many problems. We build up the concept “The Journey” for Mercedes-Benz Fascination 2017 to inspire people about the true meaning of life is to have a trusted companion. And Mercedes-Benz is proudly to be your companion that help you to be yourself, be passionate, be inspired and be amazed again.

With the process of: be born, be loved, be taken care, be grow up and be amazed again, we encourage everyone to start their journey with Mercedes-Benz to find their own inspiration.


'The Journey' became the top story discussing everywhere before, during and after the event. The concept not only inspires car customers about the journey of emotion but also create the big impact on applying Customer Experience in doing marketing.

The event combining with special Finance policy and excellent, more than 300 cars were sold within 5 days of Mercedes-Benz Fascination 2017. It is also a record comparing to all former Fascination.

With 40 cars displaying from A to S-Class, GLA to GLS, Mercedes-Maybach to Mercedes-AMG was the biggest cars collection so far. Even a picky person can find his companion here with Mercedes-Benz, the number of sold cars is predictable number.